[VIDEO] Rapper Jamila Adaw accidentally disses herself in her return song ft 6 foot

Rapper Jamila Adaw has dropped a very self-loathing line in her first verse of her return song Nyan Ci lo Cha ft 6 Foot. The rapper who disappeared 4 years ago has returned full of energy but this time her reasoning skill has abandoned her. Jamila’s flow in the song is superb but she just roasted herself without her knowledge by saying,”You are bleaching and I am not”.

Jamila spews nice rhymes from the introduction till the 29th second. The song was released and published on the 12th of July this year and it has gone viral on Social Media already but it looks like people just go with the flow of the song, instrumental and vocals not minding the lyrics.

One of our staffs listened to the song for the first time today and was shocked to hear ”You are bleaching and I am not” yet the Rapper is a renown godmother of South Sudanese bleachers. This got us wondering why a bleacher calls others bleachers or was the lyrics penned by 6 Foot?

We thought bleachers are teammates and shouldn’t point out their identity as an insult. Jamila has surely come back to South Sudanese music to entertain with her dumbness.

Listen to the lyrics carefully.

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Post Author: Imatong

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