Slate Nation concert cut short by Junubin robbers

South Sudanese junkies in Melbourne cut short Slate Nation’s concert yesterday. A reliable source told Juba eye the concert progressed well from 10pm to around 1:30am when a group of fellow South Sudanese tried robbing the concert money at the entrance.

This didn’t go well for the robbers as the security was tight. Many people who were enjoying fresh air outside the hall joined hands with the security and together they repelled them. One fellow who was at the scene reported that those very Junubin thugs were beaten up thoroughly to a point of leaving one unconscious.

Good thing none of the concert attendees was hurt and we thank God for that. It is not the first time Junubin thugs in Australia tried robbing concert money, they have been doing it over and over. Hopefully the community there in Australia does something about this issue.

The number of the robbers is unclear but it is said that they were not more than 15. Almost all of them escaped apart from one who was beaten to unconsciousness. The unconscious guy was later taken to the hospital by the paramedics. Police in Melbourne are trying their best to get hold of those thugs.

The unconscious guy was to be interrogated the moment he gains consciousness according to the paramedics. Although their names are not yet disclosed, their descriptions will help the cops find them. We hope they get caught so that they can pay for all their evil deeds.

Despite that, the concert was packed and we believe Singer Slate nation bagged a good amount of money.  Slate Nation is the 7the South Sudanese Musician to tour Australia after Panchol, John Kudusay and the rest. We thank those who host them there in Australia. This shows teamwork and support between our Musicians and promoters.

Below is his live Performance and its link.
Photo/video Credit: Jana Cee

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