Singer Atorry hooks up with a white babe

South Sudanese singer Atorry also known as Bior Ajang Duot on Facebook has hooked up with a white babe. The controversial singer who has been on and off relationships has now found the love of his life according to him. The love birds hooked up not long ago and they are already flaunting each other’s pics on Facebook.

The girlfriend, known as Shay claims that Atorry is more of a gentleman than the obnoxious dude people are used to on Facebook. We asked Atorry what his long term plans are as far as their relationship is concerned and he poured out his heart saying that Shay completes him and he plans to have a family with her soonest.

Atorry uploaded many of their pics on Facebook prompting his friends,fans and followers to demand for a song Mur Nyan Kawaja. It looks like people are on his ass for composing Mur nyan jieeng yet he’s now dating a white girl. We haven’t heard from him if he gonna compose it or nah. But why are people demanding for such vulgar song?

Shay put it that Atorry loves her so much that she is convinced of how strong the South Sudanese musician is bonded to her. On her side she claims that Atorry is her world and would die a happy woman should they live as a family in the nearest future.

Good luck brother Atorry.  

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Post Author: Purple Haze