S.Sudanese transgender Layla Kingston raped by two Mexicans

First South Sudanese Transgender Layla Kingston landed into two Mexican rapists’ trap on Saturday night. The two dudes whose names are known to be Garcia and Santiago ambushed Layla Kingston in an alley of a night club where Layla was hanging out with two female friends.

Our Mexican reporter in Utah disclosed that Layla left the night club at around 1am for the alley to have a smoke leaving behind his two friends who were also wasted. The reporter said that Layla staggered to the alley not knowing he was ambushed. Unluckily other party animals were at a distant they couldn’t hear Layla’s screams for help.

The two Mexicans took some good time enjoying their catch until one homeless man who was spending his night in the alley woke up from sleep and ran to his rescue. Seeing the homeless man, Garcia and Santiago dashed out of sight leaving Layla laying on the ground.

After the rapists were gone, Layla got back on his feet as if nothing happened and walked back to the club. We are told that Layla gave the homeless man 50 dollars as an appreciation. That’s really good of him. In the club Layla met his friends and told them what happened to him.

The two friends felt really sorry for him and advised him to report the case to the police but Layla told them it would be good if they let the club Bouncers phone the cops. The Transgender approached the Bouncers and told them what happened. After describing the rapists, one man who claimed he saw them earlier produced their names.

The Reporter told our staff that the Bouncers phoned the cops who then arrived on site after 50 minutes. The cops asked Layla several questions and Layla responded with ease. Layla vowed to make the rapists pay but the hardest part as we can see will be the search as it is claimed that Garcia and Santiago travel to Mexico often.

We contacted Layla Kingston on phone but as usual he refused to answer our phone call or perhaps he was busy when we called. We contacted one of Lalya Kingston’s friends and she told us that it did happen. The two friends are helping Layla follow up the case although the one we contacted said Layla doesn’t want his community to know about it as it will embarrass him.

We will keep our ears open and very soon we will update you on how the the case is going.


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Post Author: Pilot Kados