Rights group calls for release of Bor youth arrested in Juba

The Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ), a rights entity in South Sudan, has called on government’s spy agency known as National Security Services (NSS) to release the arrested Jonglei youths immediately.

More 9 youths from greater Bor area were arrested in Juba by national security officials for unclear reasons since the last two weeks. But multiple sources said the arrested youths were deemed critical of Kiir’s administration.

CPJ’s coordinator Tito Anthony said in a statement that the national security should only intervene if the issue was threatening the national security of South Sudan.

“If the arrested youths have committed any criminal offense, then that’s a police case that can later be referred to court for judgment,” he said.

The rights group pointed out that the Bor youths case should not be politicized. Tito urged the government to investigate the issue of the arrested youths whether or not they were being used by senior politicians for their political interests.

Tito noted that the arrest of more than nine people without a warrant violates the country’s constitution.

Source: tamazuj

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