MTV Africa Music Awards rates South Sudanese musicians the most untalented in Africa

No matter how hard our very own musicians are struggling, the little effort they put into music has been looked down by MTV Africa Music Awards. We believe there is massive talent in the country but according to MAMAs, South Sudanese musicians are nothing but noisemakers in the music industry.

In a meeting held in Abuja to discuss why some countries are not recognized musically in Africa, Alex Akosi of MAMAs put it that 95% of South Sudanese musicians aren’t talented at all. In his own words he said, ”You don’t expect to get your country recognized musically when every household has one to two musicians”

Akosi said,”I was doing music and what prompted me to do it wasn’t fame or money, I grew up loving music and I found myself composing legit songs that were endorsed by the community. But in South Sudan, youths are doing music thinking it’s the easiest way to get famous and rich”

He continued saying that many of South Sudanese musicians record in bedroom studios or poorly equipped studios. He said,”Listening to some of their songs, most of them are in their native languages. They don’t speak good English and their music is just circulating within their tribes, they cant’ connect with the world musically”

However Akosi recognized Dynamiq but claimed that Jal is a Traditional Musician misusing the international platform. Akosi’s claim was seconded by Trevor Nelson who added that, South Sudan music industry is growing the slowest in Africa.

Trevor Nelson congratulated Dynamiq to continue representing his country at international level as Jal continues to degrade his music with his mother tongue songs. He said,”I am not saying traditional songs are bad but how can we nominate the artist when he is always conveying his message to his tribe. Come on, you don’t go global like that”

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Post Author: Purple Haze