Former Miss Earth Angeth now chewing khat ‘miraa’ in Juba

We have landed on news that depicts former Miss Malaika Rechelle Angeth as top Miraa consumer and also dealer in Juba.

The model whose career has been in the gutter for some times now has been involved in one scandal after another. From getting so wasted after parties, to getting kicked out of a friend’s house for snatching her boyfriend. Rachel has become a nuisance to people in Juba.

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News coming in is that she has allegedly joined the Miraa consumer market and has now started trading it to get financial stability and maybe convince her friends who had abandoned her.

We have learned that the model imports the illegal drug (Miraa) from Arua through connections with nas kubar ‘big people’ at our border with Uganda. Our sources in Juba also reveal that she transports them in Vans ‘Noah’ to Juba and then sell them at wholesale rate at Jebel Market.

The model together with an upcoming female artist Sco Honey were spotted in a hideout battling the banned leaves at Thongpiny business center. Sco Honey also known as Ijur is a new bird in the music industry with a bad name already. She has only one track featuring Jamila Adaw but what the leaks has shows that the two will team up to monetize the leaves and consume as well.

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We’ll keep you all posted

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