First South Sudanese transgender Mr Chan shares pictures of his pregnancy

First South Sudanese transgender, Mr Chan alias Layla Kingston shared pictures of his pregnancy after he trashed the allegations on Wednesday. The transgender uploaded clear pictures of his belly leaving no viewer with doubts about his pregnancy again. People who were wondering if a man can really get pregnant are now in disbelief. He’s now in the same league with the likes of record breaker Thomas Beatie.

Mr Chan who is planning a baby shower captioned the pic ‘Who’s coming to my baby shower?’. It’s of our greatest interest to hear news about his delivery in the nearest months. Although the pictures say it all, we felt the urge to send a representative to ask Mr Chan’s neighbors a few questions. Lucky enough he got hold of one who was so pleased to be interviewed. Our staff then asked the neighbor to tell more about Layla as he is known in his abode.

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s’Layla is a nice person but his love life is messed up. He jumps from one man to another especially when he is broke’, Said the neighbor. The neighbor further told our staff that Layla is rarely seen outside in the neighborhood and this has kept them from getting to know about his pregnancy in his early months. Mr Chan has been hiding the pregnancy since he conceived until Monday when he was jabbed in the rear by the circulation of his pregnancy on the internet.

Talking about the transgender’s general behaviors, The good neighbor revealed that Mr Chan is so secretive and not much is known about him. The neighbor also pointed out that Mr Chan’s boyfriend left the city some months ago when Layla was flat bellied only to return three days ago after he was informed about the pregnancy on phone by Layla. ‘The boyfriend is my close friend but I didn’t want to shock him with the news myself instead I was waiting for him to come and see it for himself like he just did”, He said.

We tried contacting him to have a little chit-chat with him but he ignored our phone call. Although his little secret is known, we want to keep an eye on him to study the behaviors of an expectant man. No doubt he will serve as a good specimen.


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Post Author: Pilot Kados