EXPOSED! Young Tycoon Lawrence Lual is illuminati

Jay-Z loves satan and thanks Satan everyday for his blessings. I don’t know about our controversial figure young tycoon Lawrence Lual.

The Bible says whatever is done in the dark will always come to light. Today, we bring you the other side of South Sudan’s money bag, the young tycoon Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jr. Speculations indicate that Young Tycoon is a devil worshiper and his money sources are still doubted.

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After making a follow up for some time now, we confidently reveal he is an illuminati member.

The tycoon claims his wealth comes as a result of his involvement in the country’s mining sector but this is otherwise to people who see him from the angle of religion theory and those who have worked with him.  Reports indicate that Lawrence Lual’s money is blood money and he generates them from miners who lose their lives in the cause.

His net worth currently sleeps at $2.5 billions and owns a private jet purchased at $61 million, Pimp car, the Rolls Royce at $1.1 Million and a yacht paraded at Zanzibar coast.

According to a source in Nairobi, Lawrence rarely hangs out with friends. He’s always indoor at a 5 star Serena hotel and he’s charged $2000 each night. He also said the Young Tycoon has no car or mansion licensed under his name. He says this beats his doubts and he believe it’s a call from the illuminati community for the wealth to pile.

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One statement that is making some people believe it, is, Lual Lawrence once ranted in a video that he’s sure he’s the richest man in South Sudan and his friend says Young Tycoon was chosen as the second leader of all devil worshipers in East Africa after Chameleone of Uganda. I’m not making conclusions because I honestly don’t know but as we all know, rumors is actually facts spread on fear.

Young Tycoon with his private jet
Lawrence in his expensive Rolls Royce
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