Exposed: Junubin top bleaching queens in the music industry

Bleaching is basically the whitening of the skin by use of chemicals. It’s a very trendy behavior around South Sudanese ladies aged 12 and above. For our women, they just can’t stop changing their skin because of the saying that “Brown women are more attractive and nice looking.”

This behavior is commonly practiced around Junubin women residing in Australia, Canada and the US but in Africa, precisely South Sudan and neighboring Uganda, Junubin women living and ‘trying’ music there have crowned themselves the queens of bleaching. And because of the economic crunch that has hit the country so hard, our sisters down in Africa do only afford local creams, to expose a few, the likes of Caro-lite, Peau Clair and so many others. Below is a list of local celebrities that have bleached.

Queen Zee

She tops the list of women who have totally changed their skin color. “If you look at the Queen Zee of 2016 and that of 2013, who is better, am now a beautiful girl” she once posted on Facebook. Queen Zee spends bands of money to bleach her skin. We also believe the former jailbird started bleaching during her days on chains at Juba Prisons. The first lady is already turning into purple and you can clearly see her red veins on the skin; the bleaching creams must be burning out the melanin. Juba heat!!

 Jamila Adaw

OK! Jamila again? Yes, this fallen rapper has had super black color while she was still in Kenya. When she became famous, she started changing her skin color to catch the eyes of her male fans. However, her bleaching is not too much and she can still stop.


Sekete singer, Sheenjo wowed many in the previous months when her nudes surfaced on the social media doing a thing with fellow musician Emma FourtySeven. To Sheenjo, taking pics of herself naked is not the only thing she has made  a daily routine, bleaching is in her favorites list too. Find time and meet her, you’ll never get disappointed.


Singer Tvavy Tut is another sweetheart that uses bleaching creams. The young singer and student of Business Administration at Victoria University is passionate about being light skinned and we guess bleaching was on the accountability list.


Last and at least not least, we introduce to you another bleaching bird by name Abul Garang commonly known as Melodiva in the music industry. Melodiva as her name suggests is a diva for sure, a bleaching diva! Sometimes we fail to understand to what had happened to the diva. Since the singer dropped the video of her track ‘You are the reason’, she went mute and started de-campaigning skin bleaching and as the saying ” charity begins at home’ state, Melodiva continued bleaching and creams always enjoyed her hospitality in her house in Juba.

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