MUSIC BIO: All you have to know about Yaba Angelosi

Angelo Maku better known by  stage name Yaba Angelosi is a South Sudanese American Singer, SongWriter, Producer, Film Director, and Entertainer. He is founder of Assida Records and Assida Films. He is popular in Africa, United States, Canada and Europe. Yaba Angelosi, was the eldest child in the family of eight. He was born in […]

MUSIC BIO: All you have to know about Atorry

Bior Ajang Duot popularly known as Atorry is a South Sudanese musician based in Canada. He is also gifted in drawing and painting so basically his life revolves around arts. The Singer started his music career in 2010 when he was in Loreto Boys High School in Nakuru Kenya. His love for music is traced […]

Music Bio: All you have to know about Natty P

Akok Akoi popularly known as Natty P is a South Sudanese rapper based in Nairobi Kenya. He started exploiting his talent when he was in Roysambu Primary school in Nairobi Kenya in 2005. By then he was in class seven. In 2006, Natty P was appointed the head of entertainment in his school where he […]

Music Bio: All you have to know about Emmanuel Jal

Rapper Jal Jok popularly known as Emmanuel Jal is a South Sudanese-Canadian musician, actor, former child soldier and political activist. Jal is a musician who has excelled musically both back home and at international level. He does his Music in Arabic, English and Thoknääth or Nuer language. This has made his name great in the […]


Chol Bol Majok famously known as Lazar Boltita is a young rapper, poet, song writer and peace activist based in Kampala, Uganda. Lazar Boltita was born in Wunrok, Warrap on June 26, 1997. He joined music at an early age of 10 years, inspired by his brother who was doing music back then. He started […]


Mijok Lang aka Rapper Hot Dogg is a well known South Sudanese Canadian humanitarian activist, peace activist,actor,comedian, politician and performing artist. He moved to Canada in 2003 where he was resettled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Rapper Hot Dogg is a survivor of the two decades long civil war in Sudan. He was one of the lost […]


Born in Feb 27th(1994) as Chol Garang Kuol better known as Shørl Wés is a south Sudanese actor, producer and director known for his debut Dinka language based movie “Miith Cin Piooth” that he directed and produced in Bor, south Sudan with his associates, likes of Yuot Dut. Chol have been pursuing this dream since […]


Tabitha Tut also known as Tvavy is a south sudanese songbird who just started her music career in September 2016. Her first song, a love song by the title ‘Never let you go’ earned her numerous fans. The song was shared on Facebook and whatsapp groups. So basically her debut was last year and surprisingly […]


Dj Bossman MG is a South Sudanese top DJ and promoter who is based in Australia. He has been in the game for quiet long. He is well known by so many South Sudanese and non-South Sudanese. His work is to produce music and promote musicians by organizing gigs. He is a young man whose […]