50 Cent threatens to dump Junubi model, says no cows for dowry

American rapper  and actor Curtis Jackson also known as 50 Cent has threatened to dump South Sudanese model Shanelle Shanaya after series of argument with her relatives over the form of dowry to be paid. Shannelle’s elders have asked the rapper to marry their daughter with cows but not with cash.

According to Shennelle’s close friend, the rapper has threatened to dump the unlucky model since he does not have cows and also unaware that girls are exchanged with cows in some parts of the world. The close friend continued and said that Shannelle is not herself anymore after 50 Cent stressed his will to dump her. At first I thought it was the environment of Milan sickening my bestie before I myself witnessed it when the rapper called on the phone, she added.

The source contacted the rapper and this what he had to say, “Man, ain’t gone fly all the way to Africa, more specifically South Sudan just to buy cows for marriage. I ain’t know something like that existed. Goddammit! Talk what? I come through with all kinds of jewels Beat the case, come to court with all kinds of Jews but still I’m gone cut this sh*t with your friend if her parents insist on their demand because I had set everything up. I even promised to bring all of her relatives here in New York from my wallet. I’m kissing this a goodbye.”

50 Cent also said that the request might be a trap from the relatives to raid what he would buy in South Sudan. Issa lame trick! he exclaimed.

We contacted Shennelle on Facebook to tell us about her edging relationship. She responded and said it’s a lie because her man loves her more than anything on earth. She said people are hating because of her success. “My man is my man and my parents can’t do anything to tear us apart. He owns my world, he gives me best experiences in the bedroom and everywhere else. With time, I will bring him to visit my beautiful country and invest there. I’m right now in Milan, Italy but we do talk as usual.” And then she hanged up.

Meanwhile the model is in Italy for Milan fashion week and we are watching this closely to keep you all updated

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